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Aipowered , a company that develops chipsets for IoT devices, has completed a $16 million series B funding round, which will fuel the company’s go-to-market efforts. AIStorm’s innovative technology, called “AI-in-Sensor” processing, provides a wide variety of advantages, including low latency and higher performance. This allows AIStorm’s partners to take advantage of scalable AI-at-the-edge technology while benefitting from lower prices than deep-submicron digital competitors. The company has already tested its chip and plans to start shipping production orders next year. AIStorm is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, but also has offices in Phoenix, Arizona and Graz, Austria.

Aipowered has developed a patented chip design that uses switched charge processing to accept charge directly from the sensor, instead of digitizing it. The result is a scalable solution that accepts pixel data directly in native charge form, eliminating the need for digitization. This enables the chip to process data without introducing noise or bandwidth limitations. A key benefit of this approach is MAC efficiencies of up to several thousand TOPS per watt. AIStorm is working with several companies, including Egis Technology, a supplier of biometric authentication solutions, and Knowles Corporation, the market leader in advanced micro-acoustic microphones.


In addition to Egis, AIStorm is supported by several imaging sensor companies. Its Mantis Family of AI-in-Imager chips is the only solution on the market that is capable of image-based smart wakeup. This technology enables AIStorm to deliver always-on operation, lower power consumption, and lower noise. AIStorm is working with a wide range of applications, including augmented reality glasses, biometric authentication, and mobile devices.

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Earlier this year, President Trump launched the American AI Initiative, a five-part initiative designed to encourage innovative uses of AI, as well as promote the value of American values. In addition to the American AI Initiative, the Department of Defense is laying the groundwork for a more robust AI ethics strategy. The DOD’s AI strategy will direct U.S. military leadership in the use of AI systems, while helping to establish a model for future military AI programs.

In addition to the American AI Initiative, the DOD is also working to implement the most important AI ethics principles, such as fair treatment, transparency, and accountability. Lastly, the Department of Defense is also directing its military and intelligence agencies to develop AI strategies that will enhance human capabilities. With these efforts in place, the US military is well positioned to lead in AI ethics, while helping the Department of Defense and other federal agencies to develop trustworthy AI technologies.


Another important AI-driven trend in the entertainment industry is the emergence of immersive experiences. This includes VR, AR, and mixed reality. These technologies create exciting and immersive experiences that draw consumer attention. Providing a personalised experience can increase consumer loyalty, and increase advertising revenue.

Another notable AI-driven technological advancement in the entertainment industry is real-time streaming. This technology has helped reduce costs and keep viewers engaged.


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