Can I Purchase Renters Insurance Which Covers Pet Damage?

If you have a dog or cat and they cause damage to your property, you may be wondering, “Can I purchase renters insurance which covers pet damage?” The answer is yes! It is possible to get a policy that covers both your liability and your pet’s medical expenses. If you have a pet that causes damage to your property, you can deduct the cost of the insurance policy from your pet’s deposit. Also, liability insurance does not cover damages from your pet impounded by law enforcement.

However, not all renters insurance policies cover damages from pets. Many policies exclude certain breeds of dogs. Pit bull-type dogs are often excluded from coverage. Additionally, breeds that have been historically known to bite are also excluded. The best way to know whether your policy covers your pet’s damages is to discuss your options with an independent insurance agent. tunai4d Whether your pet is covered by your renters insurance policy will depend on how much damage it causes.

Most renters insurance policies will cover the liability for damages caused by your pets, as long as they are under 25 pounds. Some companies may charge an extra premium if your pet is larger than a certain weight. Regardless, it is important to know what your policy covers. If you own a dog, make sure it is covered under your renters insurance policy. And remember that there are special policies specifically for dog owners.

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