Did Elliot Stabler’s Angry Outbursts on Law and Order Really Happen?

Did the angry outbursts of Elliot Stabler on Law and Order really happen? The actor’s character had some emotional issues, and it was never clear what caused the episodes of Law and Order to be as violent as they were. One possibility is that Stabler’s mother was mentally unstable when he was growing up, and he was likely angered by abusive people as an adult. In addition, his character was a strict Catholic, and physical abuse may have left him feeling emotionally damaged.

In one episode of Law and Order, Stabler’s rage becomes simmering to boiling. He realizes something is wrong with Jackie, and she begins to have a regressive breakdown. She confides in Expert Dad Elliot, and soon he finds out that her mother knew about her husband’s behavior. While his actions may seem excessive, they are actually a very wise choice.

Another episode of the show had a scene where Stabler roughed up a suspect and did some low-key CPR. While on the job, Stabler also had small sunglasses on. However, Stabler’s outbursts were not entirely justified. Ultimately, the show’s producers chose not to punish Stabler, but rather reframe the episode.

The actor’s infamous angry outbursts may have been real or staged. After years of working as an overseas liaison for the NYPD, he is now back on the show, as the new head of the Organized Crime Unit. He and his family join the patriarch in New York City, where he reconnects with his old partner Olivia Benson.

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