Dry and flaky skin

The skin plays an important role in protecting the body from pollution and is exposed to various perceptions. But when the skin is faced with dry skin problems. Flaky, dry, itchy skin will reduce its effectiveness in protecting and caring for the body. To take care of the health of the face to be strong. Therefore, we should know the root cause of skin problems. How to care for and nourish the skin the right way with advice when there is a problem: Dry face and proper selection of nourishing products Today we have some expert advice to answer.

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Dry skin, flaky skin …problems that are uncomfortable on the skin

Very dry, flaky skin It is a common skin problem as we age. This is because the body produces less essential substances under the skin and essential fatty acids to nourish moisture, such as ceramides, fatty acids and cholesterol. As a result, the skin lacks moisture. The skin’s protective barrier is unable to fully function, the skin is imbalanced, the skin’s protective layer is weak, causing dry and flaky skin problems to arise. The factors that motivate are as follows:

Causes of dry skin from external factors


– change of weather and seasons hot weather – cold weather

– Prolonged exposure to sunlight make the skin more dry from the loss of water in the skin

– Performing medical procedures such as laser treatments, facial treatments

– Staying in a room with dry air, low humidity, or an air-conditioned room for a long time

2. Skin care products

– frequent bathing Or take a very hot bath to destroy the fat that coats the skin. and may cause the skin to become dry and flaky

– Lack of proper skin care and choose products that are not suitable for your skin type

3. Medicine

– Treatment of certain diseases such as radiation, dialysis, acne medications that cause the skin to lose more water.

The symptoms of dry skin can be observed from Facial skin begins to dry and tight. uneven skin tone and may increase the level of violence The skin constantly loses moisture until it becomes red and itchy. Skin is flaky and susceptible to irritation easily. It causes skin discomfort and is close to sensitive skin problems that can be easily distinguished.

– Dry skin is caused by insufficient production of skin oil. Makes the skin prone to sensitive and may cause irritation when exposed to chemicals, soaps, and some cosmetics usually all over the face

– Sensitive skin, found in both oily and dry skin types It usually causes acute irritation only where the skin is exposed to allergic factors such as dust, animal hair, pollen, and certain cosmetics. But should avoid products that contain substances that cause irritation such as perfume, color, alcohol. The selected product should be tested in people with sensitive skin to be safe or gentle on the skin.

If the problem of dry skin has worsened. recommend consulting a doctor for more accurate skin care guidelines Or you can check your skin with a skin testing machine to know your skin problems in more detail.

Did you know! Dry skin…can result in other skin problems. (Xerosis) such as Atopic dermatitis and psoriasis are hereditary problems with very dry skin. The skin will be irritated, inflamed, red and itchy, including patients with certain diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease, may have a very dry face as well. Because the skin loses water easily.


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