Five Jobs Kids Dream of and How to Secure Them

There are some careers which hold great appeal to children but that aren’t everyday jobs. In a world where we tell our children they can do anything they put their mind to, here are ways you can support your kids to get the career they long for.

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Little girls see dancers as graceful and beautiful; however, becoming a professional ballet dancer involves years of hard work. Many dancers start having lessons at a young age, so if your child shows an interest in ballet, it is worth getting them a teacher who can support their interest. Beyond regular lessons, there are specialist dance schools which train promising students and help them gain experience auditioning and performing.


If your child loves everything to do with space, there are plenty of ways you can encourage their interest. For younger children, teaching them about the solar system and astronomy can be a great way to keep them engaged. If you have teens who have a good grasp of science, you might want to boost their knowledge of all things space with text books and a space magazine membership. Knowledge is power when it comes to this competitive field.


Children draw on their own experience and for many of them their teacher is a role model. From Kindergarten upwards, role play often involves schools, with a child playing the part of teacher to a class full of stuffed toys. Good teachers have many skills that can be developed from a young age. Patience is vital, as is the ability to listen. As your child reaches adolescence, consider whether they may be able to help with a group such as Scouts or a sports club to gain experience of offering advice. Being a counsellor at summer camp is another great way to prepare for a career in teaching.


With household names making big bucks from their bedrooms, it’s easy to see why youngsters find the idea of a career as a YouTuber appealing. Speak to your child about what their niche would be – would they have a gaming channel? Stop-motion animation? Reviewing pop music? Depending on their age, consider whether it is feasible for them to start a channel with support so they can see how much work goes into creating and maintaining a channel. The computer skills they gain will be beneficial even if they don’t pursue a YouTube career livechatvalue.


If your child loves books, they may well want to have a career as a writer. The great thing about this is that they can start building these skills from a young age. Preschoolers can make simple books with help and older kids can develop storytelling skills and use their imagination as they get creative. The most important thing to remember is that to be a writer, you must write! Encourage your child to do this in a variety of ways – this could be by having a pen pal, keeping a diary or starting a blog. These are all excellent for enhancing vocabulary and getting ideas down.

As you encourage your child, remember they are still young. What they want to do at three, thirteen or even twenty-three might not be what they want to do forever, but by showing your support as a parent they will feel secure, supported and loved.

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