How Do You Think We Could Improve Education in Egypt?

What are some ways we could improve the quality of education in Egypt? The quality of education is a fundamental challenge. Children are not able to develop their full potential and contribute to their society if they do not receive a quality education. However, the government has the power to create a good education system for its citizens. You can make a difference by volunteering for an education initiative in your city!

– The public education system in Egypt is broken down into three levels. Primary education lasts for six years. Secondary education is three years long. Government-run schools offer free education at every level. This does not, however, address the problem of an uneducated and under-skilled work force in the country. In fact, according to a recent study, 31 percent of Egyptian firms cite the lack of skilled labor as one of the top three constraints in their operations.

– The educational philosophy of Egypt reflects three historical heritages: a religiously-based education system, a secular education system, and an egalitarian one. During the British protectorate, the state education system was dominated by an exclusionary hierarchy that served only the interests of the wealthy, which left most Egyptians and non-English-speaking foreigners with few options. The system emphasized rote memorization and “old school” teaching methods.

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