Is Ben Stone From Law & Order Dead?

After Sam Waterston’s return to Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, fans have wondered: is Ben Stone from Law & Order dead? The actor’s death marked the tease of another major exit from the franchise The series’ executive assistant district attorney, Ben Stone, was played by Michael Moriarty. He appeared on the show from seasons one through four and most recently from seasons five through eight. In the final season of the series, he served as ADA to the titular sex crimes bureau giniloh.

In season four, the episode “Old Friends” depicts the murder of a main witness in a racketeering case. Stone is blamed for the death and quits the DA’s office. He is replaced by Jack McCoy, who becomes the Executive ADA. In the episode, Stone resigns. While his death is tragic, the series doesn’t go on for long.

Ben Stone has a difficult time with his emotions, but ultimately does the right thing. As a lawyer, he is upholding a strict code of ethics. Unfortunately, he ends up breaking it, as he tries to convince Anne Madsen to testify. In order to prove her innocence, Ben Stone threatens to prosecute the witness. However, his actions are not worthy of a conviction. Ultimately, he feels guilty about his actions, which leads him to resign as Executive Assistant District Attorney bet6.

As the Executive ADA, Ben Stone is known to be an unyielding boss, but his beliefs and personal life are often in conflict with his job. This has led to his disillusionment and eventual resignation from the series. His final straw was an episode based on the murder of a Russian mob witness. After that episode, Stone resigns as Executive ADA and is replaced by Jack McCoy

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