Strategies for Successfully Playing Balmond in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang by Redfinger

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s Balmond can be classified as a tank/fighter hero, possessing the ability to both sustain himself in fights and inflict decent damage on opponents. As he is simple to play, newcomers to the game can find him a beneficial character to use. His moves are uncomplicated, yet still highly effective, and this article will delve into his abilities,

Having the capacity or capability to do something is known as an ability.

Novices will find using Balmond’s capabilities straightforward and uncomplicated. His passive talent, Bloodthirsty Thirst, allows him to restore some of his health when taking out enemy heroes or minions. This makes him a formidable adversary, able to sustain himself in combat and remain in the line of battle for prolonged periods.

Balmond’s initial power, the Crab Claw Cannon, enables him to launch a physical damage projectile at foes in its trajectory. This ability can be used to harass adversaries from a secured distance or to finish off those attempting to make their escape. Additionally, it can be employed to rapidly clear hordes of minions.

Balmond’s Rum, his secondary ability, allows him to dash towards adversaries, resulting in physical damage to opponents in the path and slowing them down. The Rum can be used for a variety of objectives, for example commencing a battle, chasing away evading enemies, or retreating from imminent peril.

Balmond’s ultimate capacity, Deadly Catch, lets him call forth a huge octopus that causes physical harm to adversaries in a wide area. This ability can be used to inflict considerable damage to the opponents in team fights or to guarantee a kill on a running away enemy.


For Balmond to be successful in combat, it is recommended to have a combination of defensive and aggressive items. This build emphasizes survivability, endurance, and assistance for the squad.

At the start of a match, acquiring the item Valkyrie’s Shield is a top priority for Balmond. This item offers a shield from its inherent property which can help him stay alive in battle situations.

The Bloodlust Axe is the next item that is recommended for Balmond. It has the potential to cause a good amount of damage, as well as providing a passive ability that will allow him to remain on the battlefield for longer periods of time.

For Balmond, Warrior Boots should come in third on the list of items to buy. Offering protection from physical damage, plus extra resistance to basic attacks, they are a great pick. Nonetheless, when facing magical adversaries, Tough Boots might be a wiser investment.

Balmond should acquire Blade Armor as his fourth item. This piece of equipment reduces damage taken from basic attacks, thus enabling him to stay alive in duels and hit adversaries.

Coming in fifth on the list of must-haves for Balmond is Oracle. Its passive ability provides Balmond with the health regeneration he needs to last in fights.

The final item to acquire for Balmond should be the Bloodthirsty King. This piece of equipment offers a good amount of bonus health and a special passive which brings back health when a kill or an assist is made.

Making use of Balmond’s approach, one can move forward and make progress.

A push-oriented build for Balmond is an alternative way to play the hero. The suggested items for this build are “Cursed Helmet” for AoE destruction of minions, “Rapid Boots” for more mobility and “Windtalker” for enhanced attack speed and movement speed. Because of the build’s lack of tankiness, it is advised to be careful when engaging in team fights. The goal of this build is to take down towers and put pressure on the opposing team quickly and productively sccbuzz.

Strategies to Consider When Utilizing Balmond

The guide offers several approaches to playing Balmond, including both tank and push build tactics. When employing a tank build, the article recommends using Balmond’s abilities to start fights, absorb damage for allies, and track down enemies with his ultimate. Additionally, it is essential to use his passive ability to heal during clashes and maintain his presence in the thick of battle.

Clearing minion waves rapidly is the key to successful push builds, and Balmond’s skillset can be used to do just that. Additionally, the item “Rapid Boots” can provide him with the mobility necessary to traverse the map and take down towers. Communication between team members is also essential to ensure that pushes are as effective as possible.

In Summary

Getting good at Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with Balmond takes a great deal of effort, but if you are a novice, your results won’t be too bad. For those who want to play it on PC, downloading the Redfinger Android emulator is the way to go. Link to the emulator.


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