Supermicro has been a leader in the computer industry since it was founded in 1994. Since then, they have introduced many unique and innovative products that have impacted the entire industry. Supermicro can offer many solutions, including motherboards, servers, storage systems, and more! They will work with you to ensure your needs are met so you can provide your customers with exceptional service. We highly recommend Supermicro for all of your server needs. 

1. Dual Processor Rackmount

Supermicro has introduced its Dual Processor Rackmount to meet the needs of the industry. It has two powerful processors on the motherboard with six memory slots and a massive HD bay that allows you to install two hard disk drives (HDDs) or RAID storage. This board can support up to 32G or 240G of memory but will not exceed 16 cores. Using dual CPUs will give you and your customers a faster processing speed and can handle more operations without slowing down. 

2. Node server

Node servers are becoming an increasingly popular way to purchase servers, and they are a step up from the entry-level server and are very reasonably priced. Node servers feature two middle-range processors and six memory slots, with a large hard drive bay. This exceptional product can be used for many applications like software development or data storage. Still, it can also function as a gaming server or a simple web server. This is an excellent choice for a home office or workgroup. 

3. High-Density Server

Supermicro is also a leader in the high-density (HD) server segment, which has become increasingly popular with consumers. For example, a single medium hard drive can replace multiple low-capacity WD hard drives. The high-density servers are designed to take advantage of this technology and are great for virtualization applications (software that allows you to run multiple operating systems on one machine). These servers have four processors and 24 memory slots or 16 processors and 64 memory slots. 

4. SuperStorage Server

Super storage servers are very similar to the HD series. Still, they provide support for 6-24 HDDs, SAS connections, and dual processor support, making them excellent backup storage units and available storage units. Super storage servers are a great choice for enterprise environments and can be used to store large amounts of data. 

5. Supermicro Storage System

Supermicro’s storage solutions will provide you with several sizes to choose from, and they come equipped with features like E-SSDP, CEC, iSCSI, and the SuperTruck technology. Each Supermicro storage unit will offer you high-capacity storage in a minimal space, ideal for applications that require high-speed data transfers such as SANs (storage area networks), NAS (network attached storage), or large file/backup solutions.

6. Enterprise 5G

Enterprise 5G is Supermicro’s latest generation of servers designed to offer you the best possible performance for your applications; it has a powerful eight-core processor and 16 memory slots. Unlike other server models, this one has Cool-Power Technology which allows it to deliver more power to the processor without elevating the noise created by the system. Enterprise 5G also provides excellent stability under load and can be connected to multiple HDDs, allowing you to provide your users with an exceptional amount of storage space. 

7. Private 5G

Private 5G is Supermicro’s premier product designed for high-end applications; it features an Intel® Xeon® 5600 series ten-core processor and 16 memory slots, built-in SAS HDD support, RAID controller support, and excellent Cool-Power technology. Private 5G also has a high-density design that supports large numbers of HDDs in small spaces, providing you with a large amount of storage space. This server will give your business an advantage over the competition by allowing you to provide your clients with faster and more reliable services. 

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